Diamonds: Little Inclusions, Big Impact

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You’ve found what seems to be the most flawless diamond, but there are some secrets diamonds keep really well. Their flaws, invisible to the naked eye and only visible under magnification, can potentially affect the integrity of your diamond. Aside from its composition, a flaw affects the diamond’s clarity, meaning it impacts the path of light that is reflected through the diamond and can hinder its beauty. Numerous factors that make up a flaw, including the position, size and number of characteristics, can affect the overall appearance and integrity. Little inclusions can make a big impact, so here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for a loose diamond for your custom engagement ring. Read more

Selecting Diamonds for Three-Stone Engagement Rings

three stone engagement ring

The Diamond Broker Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone engagement rings are perfect for those who like more than one cut, color or just want a little extra bling. Whether you want to make an antique or heirloom ring or own or just want to add some pizazz to your engagement ring, here are some tips on selecting side stones for engagement rings. Read more

How to Select an Emerald Cut Diamond

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The emerald cut is a beautiful way to enhance the richness of colored gemstones. It is characterized by a large table (the flat surface on top when you lay the diamond on a flat surface) and deep pavilion (the way it steps into the center) draws the light inward helping the color give off a mesmerizing effect. The emerald cut actually came into fashion around 1940 and was realized as the perfect cut for large colored gemstones and high-quality diamonds. If you’re looking for an emerald-cut diamond, keep these tips in mind: Read more

A Series: Diamonds across the World III – Diamonds of Europe

When it comes to jewelry, Europe is known for its popular Antwerp diamond district. In fact, about 84% of the world’s rough diamonds pass through this district, making it the largest diamond center in the world with a turnover of $54 billion.[i] Antwerp was also once the commercial heart of Europe and played a crucial role in the development of diamond-working techniques. Diamonds out of Europe are more popular and in more stores today than those found in Asia or India! Let’s see how diamonds have evolved in Europe and come into our lives today. Read more