Golden Globes 2016: Our Favorite Jewelry

The red carpet was the usual mix of glitz and glamour at this year’s Golden Globes. And we’re not just talking about the stars that walked it!

With dresses that erred on the simple side, they made up for the modest silhouettes with some seriously stunning diamond jewelry.

Here’s a recap of our top five jewelry pieces from the 2016 Golden Globe Awards. Read more

Elvis’ Personal Collection: A King’s Jewels

No person of royalty would fully reign without a substantial jewelry collection. Elvis took this to heart, especially toward the end of his life.

Even in his early days as a rock star gone military heartthrob, Elvis was fond of watches and rings. In later years, as his larger than life presence grew, Presley was rarely seen without some significant gold or diamond encrusted adornment, often in necklace form.

In honor of what would have been his 81st birthday this Friday, here’s a look at a few of the King’s most memorable and iconic jewelry pieces. Read more