Diamond Rings Dallas Sellers: What Should a Buyer Look for?

Diamond Rings Dallas Sellers: What Should a Buyer Look for?

When De Beers coined the phrase “A diamond is forever” on its ads in the past, it sent a message that took the heart of the public. Diamond jewelries aren’t really the thing (fad) during those times. This even applies to symbolic items that couples give each other. If the diamond rings Dallas industry will be examined nowadays, it will tell a lot about how perspectives about symbolic jewelries have changed.

When it comes to engagements, weddings, and other milestones on the lives of individuals, diamond rings always end up on the top of preference lists. While there is a tight group that is allowed to participate in the loose diamonds trade, this hasn’t prevented jewelers and local sellers from flourishing. Despite the fact there has been a dramatic decrease on the sales of diamonds during the 3rd quarter of 2015; figures are steadily rising up again.

There are hundreds of registered diamond rings Dallas sellers today. Those who are in a rush to buy a piece of diamond studded ring will never run out of options. This is true for both land-based and online shoppers. While there is great convenience on shopping for diamond rings through the internet, experts are discouraging it. The good old way of shopping for diamonds in a walk-in store is still the best according to them.

However, with the sheer number of diamond jewelry sellers out there today, there is no question that picking one could be quite tricky. There is always a risk of being ripped off or provided with items that aren’t worth a customer’s money. It pays a lot to be aware of what to look for in a good seller of diamond jewelries. Some of these are as follows:

  • Proven track record in service excellence: The seller, whether it be a store or an individual), should take great pride in provide topnotch customer service. Customers deserve polite, prompt, and dedicated service. This should be evident on the kind of reviews and testimonials that a seller has been getting for a good number of years. Of course, it matters too that excellent BBB ratings has been obtained by such a seller.

  • Unrivaled quality of jewelries and stones: Items on the inventory of the seller must be of top value both in price and quality. Stones must be obtained from sources that follow the strict standards of industry names such as GIA, EGL USA, and others. Items must be on hand and ready for the examination of customers.

  • Wide range of products and services to offer: Product specialization must not be limited to rings. It would be advantageous for a customer to have access to other types of diamond jewelries such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and others. Services such as appraisal, custom designing, and repair prove the true value of a seller. This means that if you are a buyer, the experience could be comparable of walking into a one-stop shop for all diamond jewelry related needs.

Choosing a good diamond rings Dallas seller is like choosing a lifetime partner. It is difficult but not totally impossible.

How to Get the Most Satisfying Dallas Engagement Rings Shopping Experience

How to Get the Most Satisfying Dallas Engagement Rings Shopping Experience

If you are planning to get engaged, one of the first things that you’ll have to figure out is how to get a suitable ring for you and your partner. Dallas, Texas is home to some of the biggest and most reputable makers and sellers of diamond rings. This makes shopping for a pair really easy. However, such a type of ring isn’t cheap. According to “The Knot”, the average cost of diamond engagement rings has reached the $6,000 mark as of February 16, 2017. This is 5% higher than the numbers gathered in just a year ago.

If you are going to spend this much money on Dallas engagement rings, it’s just right to aim for full satisfaction on your shopping experience. Now, how could a prospective buyer get an assurance about this? The following tips should be helpful:

  • Don’t rush the buying process: It would be good to allocate as much as 4-weeks for the whole thing. This could get longer if a customer will prefer to go for custom-designed rings. The time should be used for finding and selecting a seller or jeweler, planning and finalizing custom designs, and examining the rings.

  • Stay away from online sellers: This is except if you are dealing with a well-known name in the industry. Transacting face to face with a seller allows the buyer to see and examine the items on his or her preference list. It would also ensure that the ordered rings would fit perfectly on the fingers of the intended owner. The biggest advantage of buying from a land-based shop or store is that transactions would be easy in case there would be problems that will arise regarding the items bought.

  • Make sure that all certifications and documents are provided by the seller: A diamond grading and appraisal report should be provided by the chosen Dallas engagement rings seller. Otherwise, have your preferred item independently graded and/or appraised. Make sure that the documentation contents are in line with the standards of GIA. These documents will prove to be helpful in case there are plans to sell or trade up the rings in the future.

  • Buy diamonds in advance: Buying loose diamonds should be done if an individual doesn’t yet have an idea about the ring recipient’s preferences. By buying loose stones and having it set later, a buyer can actually enjoy significant amount of savings.

  • Choose a seller who will be willing to buy back or trade up diamonds: The capacity to do this proves their confidence on the quality of the stones and jewelry pieces they offer. Again, trading up allows an owner to save money in case he or she wishes to upgrade to a larger stone. Of course, original purchase documents as well as grading/appraisal certifications are basic requirements for this.

  • Go for sellers with high BBB ratings: As much as possible, a buyer should pick those who have been rated A+. This proves that the seller provides excellent customer service quality.

Shopping for Dallas engagement rings should be a satisfying and memorable experience for an individual. The tips mentioned above should guide him or her on the right direction.

Engagement Rings Dallas

Engagement Rings Dallas: Basic Designs to fall in Love With

According to a respected wedding statistics website, 40% of couple engagements happen during very specific periods in a year. This is precisely between the months of February and November. During these times of the year, the demand for engagement rings obviously rises. This symbolic piece marks one of the most significant moments in the life of a couple. This is the main reason why there is much preparation needed when obtaining a single engagement ring.

Engagement rings Dallas sellers know the importance of providing unique designs on pieces they offer. Each ring must be inimitable and truly represents the love that binds a couple. Over the years, designs of rings have evolved according to the individual wishes and requirements of individuals. Because of the development of precious metals and stones technologies, the most intricate and creative ideas can be made easily into actual pieces of diamond rings.

Every seller or maker of jewelry has distinct designs tied to its name. The company named “The Diamond Broker”, as an example, currently has the following design categories (with excusive subcategories) that are guaranteed to sweep customers off their feet:

  • Halo Diamond Design: This is recommended for couples who are planning to buy diamonds that are slightly bigger than what is usually set in rings. The main highlight of this design is that smaller micropave diamonds are set around a center diamond. The arrangement makes the center stone appear at least half a carat bigger. Couples who plan to make use of precious metals like white gold, platinum, and rose gold will be advised to choose this particular type of design.

  • Split Shank Design: Only a few engagement rings Dallas companies are capable of creating perfect split shank pieces. As its name suggests, the metal band splits as it goes into the center part where a stone is embedded. This type of design is recommended for couples who wish to see the element of simplicity on their rings. Of course, getting split shank rings customized by means of adding of accent stones is totally possible.

  • Channel Set Design: Two bands or strips of metal are used to hold accent stones. This adds glamour to the center stone which is usually of higher carat. This design is preferred by couples who want their engagement rings to look modern yet classy.

  • Vintage Design: Rings under this category are designed to look like they came from the past. Classic styles, looks, and feel have been incorporated into this design. Couples who are looking forward to keep the rings as family heirlooms or simply love classic and artistic-looking rings are pointed out in the direction of this specific design.

  • Classic Design: The name says it all: it is the design of engagement rings that couples has come to love through all of these years. The design is centered on the stone itself. The precious metal contains very minimal details and accentuates the center stone well. Its simplicity is its true beauty.

While jewelry shops and diamond ring specialty stores may have a wide array of pre-made pieces in each category, it doesn’t mean that getting custom-made ones isn’t possible. If you want a pair that suits your tastes and actual needs, explore options offered by your chosen Engagement rings Dallas company well.

The Diamond Broker in Dallas stays on top with loyal customers

Once again, The Diamond broker in Dallas has had a superb year. 2016 was very challenging for our industry, but thanks to our loyal customers, who continue to refer their friends and family we had another successful year. The internet is also helping to bring in new customers for us. Our old-fashioned approach to business is resonating with our millennial customers who appreciate our commitment to customer service, low prices and honesty. We respect each customer and treat them as a friend. Offering honest advice and unsurpassed service. Many of our customers have been with us for many years, even sending their children in to buy their engagement ring. Our values will not change. We believe a diamond must be seen before its bought. We are right here to visit at any time. You deal with people you know and trust. There is no pressure or hassle when buying at The Diamond Broker in Dallas. That’s why we continue to be successful. It’s not about money, it’s about values, honesty, integrity, and sincere care for your customers. When you make a commitment to your partner we make a commitment to you. We will take care of all your wholesale diamond, jewelry, and service needs. We work hard to earn your loyalty and appreciate your business.

Engagement rings in Dallas. BBB A+ Rated

Over the past 30 years many jewelry stores have come and gone — but we are still here! We were one of the first companies to offer diamonds from the cutters directly to the public. We are Dallas’ Original Diamond Broker with an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau and thousands of satisfied customers.

Located on the northeast corner of Preston & Forest, The Diamond Broker has been the go to source for loose diamonds, engagement rings bracelets, pendants and diamond studs.

We have certified loose diamonds from half carat to 15 carats in stock plus we have over 300 rings in gold and platinum to chose from.

I guarantee that you will not find a better company then the Diamond Broker to buy from. Want proof, come see our walls filled with pictures of our satisfied customers. Ask around, someone you know has done business with us.

This holiday, whether you are shopping for an engagement ring, a pre-owned Rolex or a special diamond gift for your loved one, visit The Diamond Broker.

Buying Diamonds in Dallas-The pros of buying in store

There’s no substitute for seeing the diamond in-person. A great store will show you lots of different options in your price range and educate you on the tradeoffs to be made amongst the Four C’s. With guidance you can find a great diamond that you connect with.

Plus, you can get immediate gratification and walk out of the store with the diamond in your pocket. Additionally, you might find stores with buy-back or upgrade policies (which allow you to trade-in or trade-up the diamond at some point in the future). Finally, diamonds are the hardest substance on the planet but they require maintenance. When you start a relationship with a physical store you’ll have someone to go to for sizing, cleaning, and prong tightening.

Your first move: ask around. Talk to anyone—friend, mother, co-worker—who has recently bought jewelry. Ask for recommendations and references. Go to the best store you can find in your market independent family-owned jewelers, like The diamond Broker in Dallas, have stellar reputations and chances are someone you know has done business with them

The Cons of buying Diamonds online

Buying diamonds online may seem logical however if you want to buy Diamonds in Dallas or Engagement rings in dallas, consider this.The internet is, well, the internet. It’s a vast unregulated marketplace with good and bad merchants selling good and bad diamonds. If you don’t understand how to tell the difference—or if you don’t consult an expert who does—you can make a terrible (and expensive) decision.

Most online stores simply list the inventory that their wholesalers are holding. These are posted to their site in a giant electronic download. The store does not edit or quality control the stones—they usually don’t ever see them or take possession of them. So what sort of diamonds are in the wholesale inventory? Tons, both good and bad. It’s also possible you might see the same diamond listed on competing sites.

What about customer testimonials or online ratings? With other purchases it’s easy to use customer testimonials as a barometer of quality. On Amazon.com, for instance, if 500 users give a product an average rating of 4.7 stars, chances are it’s a good bet. Diamonds are a different story. Each one is unique. The product itself can’t be rated by customers, only the merchant.

So you can look for a highly rated merchant. But let’s face it—do you even trust the people rating the store? When it comes to diamonds, most people don’t know what they’re looking at…and wouldn’t know if they got a good value. More importantly, a diamond’s internal characteristics, which the naked eye can’t see, drive a tremendous amount of the stone’s intrinsic value and durability. So a legion of satisfied customer testimonials might help qualify the diamond seller as a reputable merchant (i.e. they ship on time, they accept refunds), but it’s no guarantee that your individual diamond is the best one that you could have bought for the dollar.

Another disadvantage of online merchants: Not seeing the stone. A diamond on its own always looks great. Diamonds need to be compared and contrasted for the average person to form an opinion about whether one is more pleasing to the eye than another. Online stores don’t let you compare and contrast diamonds to understand the tradeoffs or to assess the beauty of the diamond (yes there is “art” as well as “science” at play). This is especially true for diamonds that are fancy shapes. With pear shapes, for example, you need to see if you like a long thin pear, short fat pear, etc. And many fancy shape diamonds exhibit a”bow tie reflection” that only your eye can decide if it’s offensive or not.

A few final disadvantages of buying a diamond online: you’re at the mercy of the information they provide you. They toss around terms like “ideal diamonds” even though they might not be ideal. They could give you a grading report that’s not one you should trust. And, generally, they don’t offer a longer-term relationship for extremely important “after sale” services: things like sizing, cleaning, tightening, and upgrading.

Engagement Rings Southlake Tx

Engagement Rings Southlake TxShopping for Engagement Rings in Southlake, Tx?

Looking for engagement rings in Southlake, Tx?  Southlake Town Square is a unique, open-air lifestyle shopping district with more than 120 shops and dozens of fine restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex whose reputation has been recognized throughout the country. Nestled in the heart of Southlake and within minutes of the DFW International Airport, shoppers can experience a place where today’s best brands in fashion and retail meet the charm of a timeless Town Square.

Southlake boasts traditional to contemporary offerings and amenities can be found throughout the 130-acre Town Square. Shoppers can celebrate with friends and savor the diverse options of fine and casual dining. Quaint boutiques to couture clothiers, fine jewelry, an Upscale Hilton Hotel, Harkins Cine Capri Theater, and beautiful water fountains and green space parks are just a glimpse of what makes up the atmosphere of the well-loved shopping district.

However, it will be well worth a short drive to Dallas to shop for your diamond engagement ring at below wholesale prices at the Diamond Broker in Dallas. We are less than 30 minutes away via auto.

Discover Your Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring at the Diamond Broker Dallas

  We have a huge selection of wholesale loose diamonds and settings. Call 972 490-6060 to  make an appointment with our diamond specialists.

We buy diamonds direct from the conflict-free sources! We offer loose diamonds at below wholesale prices as well as a wide selection of settings and rings.

Southlake is close enough to Dallas so that you can expand your shopping to include a trip to Dallas when you are searching for something that will have great significance for you and your loved one.

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