Trend Alert: Antique Jewelry

The return of palazzo pants, bell bottom jeans, knit tops and floral headbands is a trend that has crossed over into the jewelry world; men and women around the world are adorning antique jewelry. Either as a way to honor heirlooms or in following the recent fad, people are wearing jewelry from the past or pieces that are inspired by old world designs and for good reason. Intricate styles and the blend of gems and diamonds with mixed metals make antique jewelry a true high-end fashion statement. Read more

How Light Affects A Diamond’s Appearance

The way a diamond is cut has a major impact on how it appears when light strikes it. A 10-carat diamond with a yellowish color and an emerald cut may not shine as brilliantly as a 1-carat diamond of the same color grade with a round brilliant cut. Indecisive on which cut to choose for your beloved or for the next piece to add to your collection? Let’s take a look at how light affects different cuts. Read more

Trends In Resetting Heirloom Stones

Trends in Resetting Heirloom Stones
and keeping your Mother-in-Law happy

There may be no greater sign of approval than getting an engagement ring that once belonged to your fiancé’s mother. Without dishonoring his family, keep your innocent and grateful personality going strong by suggesting a reset. Resetting the heirloom stone that is, to fit your style more without dividing families. Read on for tips on how to do this tastefully and within budget. Read more

A Series: Diamonds across the World II – Diamonds and Africa



From the mines in Africa to sitting in our jewelry chest, diamonds have a long journey from their rough state to a polished one. A number of diamonds come from Africa and this continent has a long history of popular and controversial diamonds. Let’s take a look at how diamonds affected Africa throughout the years and how their production of diamonds has affected our lives! Read more

Top 5 Most Popular Men’s Wedding Rings

Top 5 Most Popular Men’s Wedding Rings

You just got engaged, congratulations! Or maybe you’re a planner and looking for ideas for your beau? Either way, we have for you the five most popular wedding rings for men. Ranging from simple to vintage and everything in between, these rings are sure to inspire you to find something as the perfect surprise for your groom-to-be or something for you both to agree on. You can also find the perfect band to match your equally beautiful diamond engagement ring. Read more

Engagement Ring Buying Guide Part 1: The Perfect Diamond

Engagement Ring Buying Guide Part 1: The Perfect Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

You’ve gone from store to store looking for the perfect engagement ring and finding ones that are close but not close enough. The band is too thick, the setting is wrong or everything is right but the diamond shape. Now you can take everything you liked about the hundreds of rings you’ve seen and put them together to create the perfect engagement ring. That’s right, a customized diamond engagement ring. Read more

Flawless or Fancy: Tips on Buying Colorless & Colored Diamonds

Diamonds are graded using a grading system based on the 4C’s: Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity. The Color grade applies differently to fancy colored diamonds because they are supposed to be colored, as opposed to traditional diamonds which are supposed to be colorless. Whether buying a diamond engagement ring or the next addition to your jewelry collection, there are certain things to consider when purchasing either a flawless or fancy diamond.

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A Series: Diamonds Across the World I – Diamonds of Asia

Diamonds are valued equally across cultures—they can be a status symbol or a reflection of a country’s history, rulers and more. Diamonds themselves fuel an industry worth $14 billion—they can pull an entire nation out of poverty or pit governments against each other. Asia for example, has a treasure trove of diamond mines and is perhaps best known for its naturally created fancy colored diamonds.


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