Your Guide to Buying Diamonds

When it comes to investing, few things maintain their value like diamonds. If you have a hefty tax return that you want to invest or are looking to use your windfall to purchase an engagement ring, look no further than diamonds. Good quality diamonds don’t come cheap, so what if you found a diamond at far below market value? How do you know it’s a good diamond? What distinguishes a good diamond from a poor one? Buying a diamond is a great investment, whether it’s a loose diamond or embedded in a beautiful ring as a symbol of your love. Before you open your wallet, keep these helpful tips on buying diamonds in mind. Read more

Diamond Heists Heard Around the World

James Bond has his work cut out for him. Capturing diamond thieves while wooing women at the same time is double-duty but what happens when Mr. Bond doesn’t quite live up to this heroic reputation? It’s no April fool’s joke. Thieves get away and it’s these wins for the bad team that make the headlines. Successful diamond heists are far and few between and although diamonds are known to be a girl’s best friend, what is it about them that draws a robber’s attention? Some of the most popular diamond heists in the world may have the answer. Read more