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Real Reasons to Buy From The Diamond Broker


When you visit The Diamond Broker, you will be awed by the selection that our premiere Dallas jewelry store has waiting for you. The Diamond Broker stocks more than 500 styles of Wedding & Engagement Rings in Dallas, in addition to a large selection of quality fine jewelry, pearls, bracelets, Rolex watches, and more. The Diamond Broker maintains a guaranteed inventory worth more than $2 million, so you are always sure to find the perfect loose diamond, wedding ring or engagement ring in dallas you’re looking for. Our Texas-sized inventory and stunning selection make us the leading source of fine jewelry in Dallas.

Value and Outstanding Service

The Diamond Broker in Dallas is the place to shop for all your diamond, engagement rings and fine jewelry in Dallas, Our Jewelry store has been providing wholesale diamonds in Dallas for over 30 years. We make Custom engagement rings and have hundreds of styles of Halo-style rings and all other styles as well. Available in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and platinum. We are Loose diamond wholesalers of conflict-free certified diamonds in Dallas. Nobody has better service than The Diamond Broker in Dallas. You get your Diamonds Direct from the Broker at the lowest prices.
We have the perfect Wedding bands, Diamond ring or Custom Ring for your partner. We want your business.



When you’re searching for wholesale jewelry, engagement rings or diamonds in Dallas, don’t sacrifice high quality for low price—at our Dallas, Texas jewelry store, you can have both. Our selection of wholesale diamonds are graded to G.I.A. standards and marked far below retail prices. The Diamond Broker wants to make you a customer for life, so we offer a lifetime warranty* on our quality jewelry at low prices without gimmicks or outlandish claims.
*Lifetime warranty is subject to twice yearly inspection

The Diamond Broker is proud to serve thousands of satisfied customers all over the country, many of whom reside in Dallas, Texas.  

Ask around, someone you know has done business with us!  

Whether you are looking for a wedding band, engagement ring, loose diamond or you are simply looking to sell your old gold, diamond or Rolex watch, our excellent reputation, stunning selection, and commitment to our customers makes us the leading source for fine jewelry and loose diamonds in Dallas.


Us vs Online Stores

The Diamond Boker

  • Operating in Dallas since 1985, we have literally thousands of satisfied customers
  • We own millions of dollars of our own inventory. You see your diamond BEFORE you buy it. No shipping back and forth and undue aggravation.
  • We have been traveling overseas since 1984, buying directly from the cutters and selling directly to you at Broker Direct prices.
  • We are available to provide you service personally, every day.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our inventory.*
  • We have in-house jewelers.
  • You cannot buy diamonds more directly than from The Diamond Broker.
  • ACCREDITED by the Better Business Bureau of Dallas as an A+ rated Diamond Dealer
  • Our trade up policy has no conditions…only that you trade up.

*(subject to twice yearly inspection.)

Typical Internet Jewelry/Diamond Websites

  • Generally, start-up operations working out of some backroom.
  • Most if not all do not own any inventory. They operate using wholesaler’s inventories.
  • What do those internet sites do? Where do they buy their diamonds?
  • Internet ?
  • Internet ?
  • Internet ?
  • Who knows where their diamonds come from?
  • Many internet sites are not recognized by any Better Business Bureau.
  • Many conditions: Read the small print of the internet sites