Looking for a unique diamond for that special someone? Consider an Asscher Cut diamond. An Asscher Cut diamond is an octagonal diamond with a square shape; this combination creates beautifully layered facets. With a deep pavilion and high crown, this cut of diamond brilliantly captures and reflects light, giving it its signature look and feel. Here’s everything you need to know about what makes an Asscher Cut diamond special:

History of the Asscher Cut Diamond

In 1902, the Asscher Brothers of Holland introduced the Asscher Cut diamond. However, this cut didn’t rise to extreme popularity until after 2002 when, for its hundredth anniversary, the Royal Asscher company re-released the diamond with a small change to the cut, creating more facets to capture more light.

Asscher Cut Diamonds Today

Today, there are three different types of Asscher Cut Diamond. There is the Royal Asscher Cut which boasts the high crown and 74 facets, the modern square-emerald cut which shows off the full beauty of the diamond, and the original Asscher Cut diamond that holds that old 1902 feel, making it a classic.

Characteristics of the Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher Cut diamond has eight sides with a deep pavilion and a high crown. This allows the diamond to easily capture light and reflect it, showing off the diamond’s brilliance. During the cutting process, a lot of the natural rough diamond is retained, helping to keep the prices affordable.


Asscher Cut diamonds are an affordable option thanks to how much of the rough natural diamonds are maintained during the cutting process. However, factors such as cut quality, clarity, and color will also affect the price of the diamond.

What Should I Look For In an Asscher Cut Diamond?

When looking for any diamond, you will always want to keep the 3 C’s in mind: color, cut quality, and clarity.


Because Asscher Cut diamonds are built to show off the clarity of the diamond, picking a high-grade color is extremely important. Buying a diamond with a color grade of H or higher may be beneficial. The most important thing to consider when buying the color of your Asscher Cut diamond is to ensure that the center of the stone is the same color as the supporting stones in the ring.


Asscher Cut diamonds are renowned for their clarity. These diamonds belong to the category known as step cuts which means that the diamond was created specifically to show off the simple beauty of a clean and sharp gemstone.

Cut Quality Recommendations

When looking for the right cut quality of your Asscher Cut diamond, here are our recommendations:

  • Depth: 60%-68%
  • Table: 60%-68%
  • Symmetry: Good, Very Good, or Excellent
  • Length/Width Ratio: 1-1.05

Need to Find Your Special Asscher Cut Diamond?

The Diamond Brokers are here to help you find that perfect diamond for your loved one. Whether it is the simple brilliance of an Asscher Cut diamond or the fire of a princess cut diamond, our team can help. We go straight to the diamond cutters for all of our products, cutting out the middleman cost and ensuring that you get the best quality. Contact us today to set up a consultation or for more information on our services.