In this day and age, online markets have replaced traditional shopping. Instead of patronizing malls or department stores, more individuals are shopping from the comfort of their own home, finding everything they need with a quick search and a click of a button. Can all items truly be bought online? When it comes to looking for the perfect diamond for a proposal, an anniversary gift, or just to surprise that special someone, online shopping has its risks. Online pictures can paint a diamond in gorgeous light and hide any flaws that it might have. To get a true look at the beauty and quality of the diamond you are purchasing, you will need to see it in person. Still not convinced that buying a diamond online can be a risky and costly decision? Here are the risks of buying a diamond online.

Lack of Expert Advice

A diamond’s beauty derives from its sparkle. While they can look like they glimmer and shine from the pictures online, there is no way to truly tell unless you see it in person. While an online seller might provide a certificate to go along with the diamond, that certificate can mean little to nothing. To get a true sense of the worth of a diamond, you will want an expert who studies diamonds and precious gemstones. Why? An expert knows what he or she is looking for whereas a first-time buyer may get overwhelmed with the size, the cut, or quality. Unfortunately, those are not the only things that add up to create a high-quality diamond.

Also, when you are buying online, you will not be able to talk to an expert about the setting. Because of the shape and stone color, some diamonds are better complemented by gold, and others look better with silver or white gold. An expert can help walk you through the process to create a perfect setting.

Inability to Compare Diamonds

Comparing diamonds side by side is one of the biggest advantages of buying a diamond in a store. Online pictures are hard to compare the beauty and quality. Additionally, if your special someone is tagging along with you during the shopping experience, he or she can’t try it on. Trying on a diamond to see the shape on one’s finger will help make your decision.

Potential Scams

Internet scammers are very good at hiding and making their market seem like the real deal. However, individuals online who capture your imagination and eye with some well-photoshopped photos of their diamonds are more than happy to take your money. When you find out that the diamond is fake, they disappear before you can demand your money back. Don’t invest in a scam; take your business to a store.

Lack of Aftercare

One of the biggest advantages of buying with a well-known diamond seller is that they often provide aftercare for your diamond. This can include regular cleanings, refittings, or a warranty to replace the diamond if lost. An online store cannot offer you those options. That diamond is a huge investment and you want to ensure that it is protected.

Creating a Long-Lasting Relationship With Diamond Experts

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