Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but recent trends show that individuals are turning to other precious stones for their jewelry. Rubies, amethysts, sapphires, and emeralds are among the most popular among millennials. Many people are asking, “Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend?” Let’s take a look:

Why The Sudden Change in Trends?

Diamonds are the premier precious stone. They are a classic, gorgeous, and beautiful and are associated with weddings and happily ever afters. Why the sudden interest in the other precious stones?

Millennials makeup 22% of the United States population and are at the typical age when one starts considering engagements and weddings. Most have finished college, are making headways in their careers, and as all individuals starting out, are finding themselves a bit strapped for cash. While finding the perfect diamond is still the dream for every young adult considering marriage, precious stones are less expensive. They might purchase precious stones like sapphires and rubies to save money to spend on their first house, apartment, or pave the foundation for their futures. However, this doesn’t mean that these individuals are giving up on the idea of their forever diamond.

What The Trends Don’t Tell You

According to a study done by through the Diamond Producers Association, 70% of millennials have stated that they believe that diamonds are an excellent investment for their price

While we are seeing a rise in engagement rings making use of precious stones, the diamond is still the front runner. Trends indicate that individuals after 5-10 years of marriage upgrade their precious stone engagement ring to a diamond (or a bigger diamond), as now they can afford their forever diamond.

Diamonds are for Everyone!

When it comes to diamonds, people are still buying. In fact, according to the Diamonds Producers Association, there is a rise in ladies buying diamonds for themselves. From diamond earrings to diamond necklaces, these coveted jewels are often adorned with smaller diamonds or other precious gemstones. 

There has also been an increase in diamond sales for men’s jewelry too. Whether it is a small diamond to adorn their wedding ring or diamonds on watches or cufflinks, even the men cannot pass up the gorgeous sophistication of a diamond.

Your Place to Buy the Perfect Diamond

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