You’re getting ready to hand over your precious jewels to a diamond buyer. You’ve gone through a long process of bargaining prices and you’re not so sure you’re getting the best deal as you place your gems in the buyers’ hands.

Knowing how to identify a credible buyer and knowing what to expect when selling your diamonds and jewelry is the first step to selling. As a seller of wholesale diamonds and as a diamond buyer, we have helped many individuals get the best deal possible. Here is what you can expect when selling your diamonds and jewelry.

Selling and Buyer Expectations

It’s simple: you get what you paid for; meaning the price of your item is based on the quality of your item and its authenticity. If you take in a fake Rolex for example, a reliable buyer won’t buy it from you because they know the value of the real thing. The same goes for jewelry; the lower in quality a diamond, the less you can expect to receive for it, which is why it’s always a good idea to get your things certified before you buy them and appraised shortly after.

Gemologist Neil Beaty in a Forbes article by Deborah L. Jacobs recommends setting realistic price expectations, especially after an appraisal. If having an appraisal, ask how much the stone might be worth in specific markets and circumstances. “Discussing pricing strategies is about 80% of the benefit of an appraisal for resale customers,” Beaty says.  A good appraiser follows current market trends and can help you understand the potential resale value of your diamond.

Jacobs also suggests selling to a jeweler: the primary advantage of selling to someone in the jewelry industry is time.  If you want to sell quickly and safely with little fuss over marketing, target a jeweler, diamond dealer or pawnbroker.

How to Identify a Credible Buyer

Speaking of selling to jewelers, it’s important to know to whom you’re selling. Is your buyer a credible buyer who’s paying you a fair price? First, know that every buyer is going to want to examine your diamond in person. If they offer you a price without looking at it, walk away.

Secondly, a credible buyer will provide you with all the information you need to know. At The Diamond Broker, we buy diamonds and want you to feel assured that your transaction is secure.

We would we pleased to meet with you and discuss your selling options. We pay you immediately and work more as your partner than a buyer. Have any questions? Contact us today!