More than love-laden Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve is the most overwhelmingly popular time of year for couples to get engaged.

Whether you’re a hopeful bride to be scoping out rings, or a doting soon-to-be-husband looking for the perfect start to your ‘I do’, check out these trending 2015 engagement ring types that are as unique and beautiful as your love.

Mixed Metal

For those that aren’t, forgive us, ‘married’ to a particular kind of metal or who frequently change their jewelry, mixed metal engagement rings are perfect. They make it easy to pair your engagement ring with the pieces you already have and future pieces you want. Once popularized in vintage rings of decades past, they’ve recently made quite the comeback. Drawing from classic antique styles, these beauties combine two or more tones like gold, rose gold and yellow gold in distinctive designs. With so many wedding decisions to make, sometimes it’s nice not to have to choose when it comes to the metal in your engagement ring.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is as romantic looking as it is sounding. Its warm and inviting ambiance have made it a hugely popular choice among couples. Rose gold engagement rings also have an air of nostalgia fitting for any bride who favors vintage-inspired elements with modern amenities. Celebrities have undoubtedly galvanized its popularity, though the metal itself has a long, sorted 200-year history of enchantment.


Couples who are committed to ethical and eco-friendly diamonds often turn to vintage rings to represent their love while respecting the planet. Others seek out vintage engagement rings because the idea of sharing and melding their love story with another is too irresistibly romantic to pass up. Of course, giving these rings a second life is easy when they possess a unique charm and beauty that’s often irreplaceable based on our modern techniques. Whether you’re drawn to Edwardian era rings, Art Deco style jewelry, or Victorian pieces, vintage engagement rings offer an old-world feel and rare designs that speak to the heart.

Colored Gemstones

Colored diamonds are a popular choice for some kinds of jewelry. However, they typically don’t make the cut when it comes to engagement rings. Though, as of recent, bold colored gemstones seem to be gaining favor among many a happy couple. Bold and expressive, colored gemstones like emeralds, aquamarines and sapphires are a fantastic way to show off one’s unique personality.

Claw Prong Settings

Just as important as the stone or the type of metal is the kind of setting on your engagement ring. More and more, we’re seeing folks ask to skip the classic halo in favor of unique claw prong settings. They’re sleek and narrow with a super-fine tip to showcase the stone’s natural beauty.

By narrowing your search to one of these over arching themes, your pursuit for ‘the one’ just got a whole lot easier. Plus, with winter rapidly approaching, now’s the time to sort through the trends that touch and warm your heart as you prepare to pop the question.