The Diamond Broker Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone engagement rings are perfect for those who like more than one cut, color or just want a little extra bling. Whether you want to make an antique or heirloom ring or own or just want to add some pizazz to your engagement ring, here are some tips on selecting side stones for engagement rings.

Know Your Center Stone

Before you go about looking for your side stones, know the color grade of your center stone, which can affect how your side stones appear next to it. If your center stone has a color grade F, you should purchase side stones that are within the same color grade or two outside of it to create a consistent look.

When matching grades, opt to match cut grades and clarity grades as well. You don’t want your side stones to literally outshine your center stone.

Think Proportions

Adding side stones can really change the look of the ring as it was originally designed. Take into account the size of the wearer’s hand and the center stone. The flanking diamonds can make the center stone appear larger, but would that complement the hand? You want to really try on the design you’re thinking before you commit because your fingers may also hide the side stones on either side of the ring finger.

For Contrast…

Opt for colored diamonds for your side stones. When you choose contrasting colors to your center diamond, it can really make the center diamond the star of the show.

You can even choose different colored metals to accentuate the stone even further. For example, yellow gold and rose gold complement white gold or platinum, but they can also be used together to create the two-toned modern look.

For Extra Pizazz…

Halo diamond settings are quickly becoming the norm and you can extend that setting to your side stones as well if your budget allows. Put small diamonds around your side stones to make each stone appear larger. Add contrasting side stones with a halo setting and you have an amazing contrast.

As you shop for side stones, be sure to consult our diamond engagement ring and loose diamond experts at your Diamond Broker. We can help you create your one-of-a-kind piece as part of this once in a lifetime experience.