Top 5 Most Popular Men’s Wedding Rings

You just got engaged, congratulations! Or maybe you’re a planner and looking for ideas for your beau? Either way, we have for you the five most popular wedding rings for men. Ranging from simple to vintage and everything in between, these rings are sure to inspire you to find something as the perfect surprise for your groom-to-be or something for you both to agree on. You can also find the perfect band to match your equally beautiful diamond engagement ring.

  1. Solid Yet Simple

There is beauty in simplicity and the same applies to men’s wedding bands. Simply classic, a polished platinum wedding band that is rounded at the edge is great for someone who prefers subtle style and comfort over bling. The best thing is, you can still find variety with understated rings that can make them a bit of a statement piece. For example, instead of a simple metal all around, opt for brushed or polished wedding rings in your choice of metals: gold, white gold, platinum and tungsten.

These rings can also have different frames such as rounded edges in the traditionally simple ring, notched and polished edges, rounded interior surfaces, milgrain edges or squared sides.

  1. Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamonds aren’t just a woman’s best friend. Men love diamonds too and you can choose rings with varying degrees of sparkle. Get one to match your own that is studded from center to center in diamonds or add just a bit of sparkle with one vertical line of diamonds studded into the ring. This is also a great opportunity to include his birthstone or other gemstones to accent the diamonds in the band.

  1. Wooden Bands

Whether he’s a nature lover or not, rings that lean on the natural side are sure to make a statement. You can choose from all wooden rings to ones where a strip of wood or recycled wood is embedded into a metal wedding band. In addition to being eco-friendly, wooden wedding rings can be formed to match a variety of styles using a number of colorful hardwoods. You can also set these with loose diamonds, gemstones and center diamonds.

  1. Vintage-esque Bands

Turn your traditional wedding band into a vintage creation with two tones of metals. A two-tone faceted gold wedding band for example, is a traditional piece that will wear well with whichever watch he chooses for the day—gold or silver.

The foundation of vintage bands, however, is an inscription or beautiful design engraved onto the open face of the band.

  1. Metal Mix

The most popular engagement rings of today include different metals, especially tungsten. The introduction of metal mixes, textures and finishes is an update to the traditional and classic wedding band shape. For example, a classic titanium wood-grain ring that mimics wood but is made out of gold or tungsten.

Which of these styles was your favorite? Do you like a variety between the five? If you find yourself still needing help, Diamond Broker is here to help! If you’ve narrowed down your options, we can help you locate the perfect ring you have in mind. Come by our Dallas store today or call us for more information, we can’t wait to help you!