Trends in Resetting Heirloom Stones
and keeping your Mother-in-Law happy

There may be no greater sign of approval than getting an engagement ring that once belonged to your fiancé’s mother. Without dishonoring his family, keep your innocent and grateful personality going strong by suggesting a reset. Resetting the heirloom stone that is, to fit your style more without dividing families. Read on for tips on how to do this tastefully and within budget.


Keep the Character, Change the Setting

The whole nature vs. nurture debacle is nil when it comes to your diamond. Your diamond is a beautiful thing of nature and regardless of its setting, it’ll shine beautifully (this can at least be your selling argument to you future mother-in-law). Keep the character of the diamond in a setting more suited to your style, and one that shows off more of the diamond as well. Settings include:

Halo: Smaller diamonds surround the larger diamond in this setting but in a supporting role. They help the center diamond shine that much more.

Solitaire: Make the heirloom stone the star of the show as it stands alone on a beautiful band (a metal of your choice—we suggest platinum).

Compression: If you want something like solitaire but you’re more of a modern gal, then the compression setting may be perfect for you. It also keeps the diamond in the spotlight but the band carries it in a more modern way.

Hint: Let your fiancé’s mother know that you’d prefer a platinum setting instead of the original yellow gold to avoid any surprise reactions or rejection.

Be Classy

Always discuss your intentions with the person who gave it to you. Would you give someone your car and feel happy with your decision after seeing it painted in a new color, covered in rhinestones with dice hanging from the rear view mirror? With that said, your style may be a complete 180o from your MIL’s, so talk to her (with your fiancé) about your plans. This shows respect and is a great way to get her blessing (and brownie points), especially when you do it face-to-face and not over text. Here are some winning points of debate so you can walk into this conversation confident and prepared:

  • It doesn’t fit your lifestyle in the current setting (you’re too active, you’re too hands-on, you’re too hard on things, etc.)
  • You want to add a bit of yourself to this ring (like adding accessories to a borrowed outfit to make it your own—add baguettes, flanking diamonds or gems, etc.)
  • Your hand is too _________ (big, small, slender, wide, etc.)
  • You’ve already carefully chosen your wedding bands and the ring style doesn’t match (a good way to ask if you can change the metal or setting)

You can even count your reset heirloom ring as something old and something new for your wedding day! (Another point of contention perhaps?) If you need help coming up with a design or resetting your diamond engagement ring, contact Diamond Broker today! You can visit us at our Dallas location or call us and we will be happy to help!