She has been dropping hints for months, and you have been busy scouring the market for a ring that will take her breath away. There is a lot riding on this single question, and you want to make sure you get the perfect diamond and setting to make the moment truly magical. You may be asking yourself, “Is there a “best” time to buy an engagement ring?”

Understanding Popular Engagement Trends

Many jewelers will push advertisements and commercials during particular times of the year, hoping to entice lovebirds to wander in and find their forever diamond. However, you may notice that there are more advertisements during particular parts of the year. Knowing the most popular times of the year to pop the question can help you get a fantastic deal on the diamond of your partner’s dreams without sacrificing the well-being of your wallet.

The Holidays

Family gatherings, holiday celebrations, and the overarching feeling of joy and goodwill create an opportune time to pop the question! November to February is the busy season for most jewelers. 

While many jewelers will feature advertisements and sales, the reality is, while it is a popular time for engagements, it’s not the ideal time to invest in an engagement ring. 


Due to the overwhelming demand for diamonds during this time of the year, diamond cutters have their work cut out for them. Many of them will rush to push the product out the door into the jewelry stores, leading to a decrease in diamond quality. Unfortunately, the price stays the same. While you may be ready to pop the question during this time of year, it may be best to avoid buying the ring until after the holidays end.

What About the Sales?

From November to February you may notice that sales are quite frequent but do not be fooled. A diamond on sale is typically not a very valuable diamond. High-grade diamonds that are more than 0.30 carat are very rarely on sale. Diamonds that are on sale are often lower quality. You want to invest in a diamond that shines and is as brilliant as the recipient.  

When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Your engagement will be one of the happiest days of your life, and the team at Diamond Broker can help you when you’re ready. The summer is the ideal season to buy diamonds because many people save their money for vacations rather than engagement rings. Diamond sellers have more time on their hands and fewer customers.

At the Diamond Broker, we would love to sit down with you and help you find the perfect diamond. Unlike retail stores that get their product in bulk, we only invest in high-quality diamonds from the diamond cutters themselves. We offer many different shapes, sizes, and styles that will allow you to find your partner’s dream diamond. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out why the team at the Diamond Broker makes finding the perfect engagement ring an experience worth remembering.