Black diamonds look exotic, but are they even real or are they a trick of photo editing? Our experts are here to tell you that they’re very real, and can be popular choices in some settings. They can be more or less valuable than white diamonds, depending on whether they are natural or man-made, as well as other factors. Some people really love the way they look, especially when they’re paired with the right setting or accents. Here’s all you need to know about black diamonds, so you can decide if they’re right for your next purchase.

What Are Black Diamonds?

Traditionally, black diamonds weren’t seen as high-end stones. They were actually considered to be damaged, or not worth as much, because white diamonds were what was expected. Late in the 20th century, though, that started to change, and people started to see the unique beauty that black diamonds had to offer. That led to them being used in jewelry more frequently, and developing a following of people that prefer their dark color to that of colorless or white diamonds.

These diamonds have a high number of inclusions, which results in their coloring. Inclusions are technically considered flaws, but they don’t have to detract from the quality of the diamond when they add up to create something beautiful. Small numbers of inclusions on a white diamond are usually colorless, or they may show up as tiny dark specks. But when there are high numbers of inclusions, they can be enough to turn the diamond black. These diamonds are rare and unique, and they don’t often happen in the natural world, which has led to their increase in popularity over recent years.

Types of Black Diamonds

There are two different types of black diamonds, and before purchasing one it’s important to understand the difference in types. That can affect their value. One is naturally occurring, and the other is treated to make it look black.

Natural Black Diamonds

These natural diamonds have numerous inclusions that occur when the diamond is being formed. The inclusions usually consist of graphite, which adds to the depth of black coloring these diamonds have. Natural black diamonds are very rare, and because of that, they’re considered to be very valuable. They come out of the ground that way, and don’t need any special treatment to get their deep, rich color.

Treated Black Diamonds

A treated black diamond is considered far less valuable than a natural black diamond. They’re made from white diamonds that look dull because of a high number of inclusions and fractures. When a white diamond is dull like that, it’s often deemed worthless and used for most industrial purposes.

Some of those “worthless” diamonds may be subjected to pressure, heat, and irradiation treatments, which can result in the diamond developing a black hue. While these diamonds may still look lovely, they don’t have the rarity of natural black diamonds. As such, they’re generally not considered to be as valuable.

Characteristics of Black Diamonds

A bold appearance and distinctive look are both characteristics of black diamonds, as these stones aren’t something that’s seen every day. These diamonds generally pair the best with settings that are made from platinum or 14K white gold, although they can be used with any color the wearer would prefer.

The lighter colors of the white gold or platinum settings help to emphasize the natural depth and mystery of the black diamond’s color. Another way to get good contrast is to use black diamonds alongside white diamonds. Putting a lighter color right next to the black diamond helps it to stand out and be noticed for its brilliance.

Which Setting Goes Best With a Black Diamond?

There are many settings to choose from when purchasing a diamond, and black diamonds are no exception to that. The halo setting is often the best choice for this type of stone, as it is able to create a stunning ring around the black diamond. A side-stone setting also works well. In this setting, the black diamond is flanked by two colorless diamonds, which help to highlight the black diamond and showcase its unique beauty.

Solitaire Setting

Many people want to use a solitaire setting with their black diamond because it keeps that stone as the focal point. They don’t want any other stones around it that might take away from its color. In short, they want their black diamond to stand out, and to be noticed. That can work well, but should only be done with a lighter color band, such as white gold or platinum, for the maximum level of contrast and effect.

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