Have you ever noticed how some people look like their dogs? Maybe they choose their pet because it reminds them of themselves, but can this “phenomenon” be linked to our accessories? Sure, we choose shoes, belts, jewelry and clothes to best match our style and personality but what if they resemble our looks in a way, as well? Consider this: celebrities are considered beautiful because of their symmetry. They meet the “golden ratio,” that humans consider beautiful. This same symmetry is what makes diamonds shine so brilliantly, so it’s no surprise that celebrities, in a way, resemble diamonds as beautiful as they are! Here are five celebrities that look like diamonds:

Asscher cut diamonds feature the sophisticated brilliance of an emerald cut, but in a square shape. Similar to how Kate Upton’s face features the strong structure of an emerald softened by her light features and cheeks.

Kerry Washington has many unique features and her almond eyes and oval shape perfectly resemble the curved shape of a marquise cut diamond.

Reese Witherspoon is a petite woman but her symmetrical features make her an obvious beauty. The pear shaped diamond, similar to the heart-like shape of Reese’s face, if a modification of the traditional and popular round cut diamond. It exudes just as much brilliance and sparkle as the round cut, much like Reese’s blue eyes!

Johnny Depp is one of the few men in Hollywood to wear a diamond engagement ring. Although he wears a round diamond, the radiant is more akin to his strong features. A prominent jaw line and chin are much like the intense cut of a radiant diamond.

Angelina Jolie actually dons an emerald cut engagement ring, which Brad Pitt bought for her to complement her long fingers. In addition to her hands, the emerald cut is a perfect resemblance of her rectangular shape and strong cheek bones.

Do you think these celebrities look like diamonds? Although diamonds may not look like their owners, they definitely accentuate their features or say something about the wearer. Favor round shapes? You’re probably a lover of classic styles. Leaning towards pear or heart shapes? You’re probably a creative sort! Whether you bought your ring consciously to match your style or not, it somehow says something about your personality. What does your jewelry say about you?