Whether you’re searching for a ring, looking for the perfect loose diamond or just looking at your own jewelry and wondering where it came from, you can be assured that a lot of work goes into making your perfect piece of diamond jewelry.

Form to Profile

A diamond’s journey starts with formation. It is put under intense pressure and high temperatures beneath the earth’s surface where they are turned into stones, that far from resemble the diamonds seen in stores today.

These raw stones are then profiled, much like how we get an identification card. It goes through a system of either physical reviewers or computer programs where the diamond’s inclusions and quality are photographed and analyzed. Based on its raw dimensions, our jewelry experts find the optimal way to cut the stone to showcase its natural beauty.

When you buy a loose diamond or a diamond necklace, ring or bracelet, it may come with a diamond certification. If you purchased a diamond from The Diamond Broker, your certification is a report on the rock. Before this final report however, the raw stone first gets a report card that is given to a diamond cutter, outlining how the diamond should be cut and what quality to expect.

Raw to Refined

When in the hands of the diamond cutter, the stone goes through the process of bruting. This is when the diamond is cut according to its first, “report card.”

Bruting gives the diamond a round shape, after which it’s polished to a sparkle.

From here, the diamond is either prepared to be set in jewelry or prepared to be sold loose. From under the surface of the earth to your finger, your diamond went a long way to sparkle and shine!