The engagement rings of the rich and famous shine practically as bright as the stars themselves. These outstanding pieces are unique and worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Although replicas have been created of these famous gems, none come close to real thing because of their natural flawless state and perfection. Here are five of our favorite diamonds adorned by famous celebrities and figures:

Victoria Beckham

Type: Pear shaped diamond

Why is it unique? Although she has about 13 different rings that are a total estimated worth of around $6.5 million from her hubby, this pear-shaped engagement ring is perhaps the most precious. It’s nearly flawless and sits in a 5-prong setting atop a band adorned with more diamonds. Although she has 12 other rings to choose from, we like this one the most.

Olivia Palermo

Type: Cushion-cut Canary Diamond

Why is it unique? This cushion-cut fancy yellow diamond is around three carats in weight and is flanked by two white diamonds. It’s color and the exquisite state of this fancy yellow diamond makes it a star among its counterparts.

Kate Middleton

Type: Blue sapphire engagement ring

Why is it unique? Formerly Princess Diana’s engagement ring, its center stone is a 12-carat sapphire stone with 14 solitaire diamonds in a halo setting. It set a trend in the United Kingdom with copy-cat rings being created by the thousands. It’s understated design makes it all the more elegant and the condition of the center sapphire is unparalleled.

Michelle Obama

Type: Solitaire diamond on gold band

Why is it unique? This is the classic engagement ring so rarely seen on celebrities but truly fit for the First Lady of America. The flawless center diamond shines bright atop a contrasting gold band that practically defines tradition.

Kim Kardashian

Type: Emerald cut diamond

Why is it unique? This 15-carat emerald cut diamond is unique because it’s especially flawless for its size. It’s a D flawless cushion cut and is as big as the star is recognizable across the world.

Mila Kunis

Type: Large solitaire

Why is it unique? Aside from its $250,000 price tag, this 5-carat solitaire is a thing of beauty. Its size is an upgrade to the classic engagement ring in that it’s a simple ring in a show stopping size.

Nikki Reed

Type: A unique floral diamond ring

Why is it unique? This $50,000 ring is made of approximately 6- to 8-carat diamonds and has a vintage vibe to it. Akin to Victorian times, this engagement ring is for someone who has a great sense of individuality. It is a yellow and white gold cluster style ring that may not be for everyone.

Lady Gaga

Type: Rare heart-shaped diamond

Why is it unique? Certainly because of the center heart-shaped diamond that is about 6 carats. It is also of excellent quality with at least SI1 clarity or better and G color or better. The simple solitaire setting with pave diamonds down the side keeps the attention on the center beauty. Definitely an exquisitely unique ring for a unique artist.

Scarlett Johansson

Type: Art deco diamond ring

Why is it unique? With three round diamonds surrounded by a vintage, rectangular setting adorned with more diamonds, this ring is certainly a unique sparkler.

Jessica Biel

Type: An antique style cushion cut diamond with aquamarine stones

Why is it unique? This hearts and arrows square diamond is surrounded by round diamonds to make the large center diamond look even larger. It is also flanked by two aquamarine stones. The ring is set in 18K white gold and black rhodium.

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