“A tie!” said the man in your life. Don’t let these words be repeated this Father’s Day. As excited as he may sound, know that he more than likely has a rack full of ties from birthdays and celebrations passed. Make this Father’s Year memorable by surprising the Father in your life with a piece of jewelry. Women aren’t the only ones who love diamonds, after all. Here are some diamond jewelry ideas for the man in your life.

The Athlete

Is your Dad or Husband always on the go? Hitting the trails before work or pumping iron late in the night? Look no further than The Diamond Broker to supply you with a number of ring, wedding band and watch styles to suit his active lifestyle.

When he’s running or doing an equally vigorous workout, necklaces can quickly get tangled in headphones and simply get in the way. The same applies to bracelets. Delicate bracelets are just that…too delicate for someone who’s using their hands and arms to push truck tires or their own bodies to the limits.

Instead, celebrate the special man in your life by gifting him a beautifully redesigned wedding band. If his ring now is a metal band, bring it in to The Diamond Broker to redesign it with the addition of a diamond! Whether you want to add diamonds all along the band or an exquisite diamond in the center, we can help you design the perfect style.  The best ring for adrenaline junkies is a bezel set ring. You can add a diamond to any ring without it being raised; it sits flush with the metal so that he can go on about his business without worrying about chipping his diamond or losing it.

The Business Man

This man in your life makes his work a priority. Even so, he’s done a great job making sure you and your family come before his work.  Instead of another tie to add to his collection, why not give him something unique to add to his wardrobe? Businessmen are always in suits, it’s a given. Diamond cuff links will certainly set the bar for future presents. They are the perfectly subtle expression of his style and a great way for him to show his coworkers that he means business.

Lap of Luxury

He enjoys the finer things in life, so why not surprise him with something that’ll remind him of your generosity every day—a watch! Pre-owned luxury watches for Men ranging from luxury brands like Rolex and Cartier are the perfect way to make a subtle fashion statement. Capture his style with a pre-owned watch of his dreams. For a more subtle style, go with something like this classic square face and leather banded Monaco.  To really make a statement, opt for a standout piece like this two-tone blue faced Rolex.

Either way, it’s sure to be a Father’s day he’ll remember for years to come!  Did these ideas inspire you to buy a luxurious Father’s Day present? Diamonds don’t have to be pricey and we have styles and loose diamonds fit for any budget. Visit The Diamond Broker today and let’s get started!