Diamond Rings Dallas: Choosing Your Own Engagement Ring

Anyone who purchases a diamond engagement ring has a lot to deal with. Besides making sure the ring passes the ideal cut, carat, color, and clarity standards (otherwise known as the 4Cs), there are many other factors to consider such as price, design, and longevity. Women are supposed to wear their engagement rings for a long time; sometimes throughout their life.

Men find it a challenge to choose the perfect engagement ring, particularly if they propose the traditional way. While going down on one knee before popping the big question has its own charm, some things have changed with the changing times. There are women who prefer to actively take part in choosing their engagement ring instead of leaving the choice to their fiance.

Shopping for a Diamond Ring

There are pros and cons to personally selecting your own engagement ring. Modern couples even go as far as sharing the cost of the ring, but this approach may not work on other couples. If you and your fiance plan to shop together, it’s important to identify the dos and don’ts of picking a ring together.

Here are some things every bride-to-be should consider:

1. How much do you want the ring?

This diamond engagement ring will be in your possession for a long time. If you have complete confidence in your choice, you will have no regrets later. There are many instances where brides-to-be order a ring online, only to receive one that doesn’t fit their ring finger or is a far cry from the item they ordered. Shopping for a ring together will at least give you enough chances to try on different diamond rings, plus a firsthand view of the type of ring you really want. It’s also important to set your preferences straight so that the selection process won’t have to drag on and tire you both.

2. Does your fiance want it?

Just because you are less into tradition and want to choose your own diamond ring doesn’t mean your fiance shares the same opinion. Whether you both pay for the purchase or he covers all the expense, your fiance should be comfortable with the idea of shopping together as much as you are. Moreover, you should be considerate of his preferences even though you’re the one who’s supposed to wear the ring. Picking a ring that you both like can be a meaningful experience, giving you a glimpse of what your married life will look like, every time you make decisions together.

3. Are you willing to decide together?

Shopping together takes a lot of weight off your fiance’s shoulder and meeting him halfway is a good start. Selecting a diamond ring is already a big decision, so consider this stage as a simulation of your future life. Cooperation and compromises are necessary but if your fiance leaves all the decisions to you, it’s healthy to ask for his opinions every now and then. He will feel like he’s still involved in some way.

Some stores provide couples the opportunity to design a ring together. This creates an emotional bond between couples. They get to learn more about each other and make personal adjustments to accommodate the other — a quality that helps marriage work.

Disadvantages of Joint Shopping

Some couples may not mind, but shopping for a diamond ring with your fiance has its fair share of disadvantages. Depending on your dynamics, couples may overcome these disadvantages by changing their perspective.

Here are reasons why shopping for a ring together is sometimes not recommended:

1. It’s not surprising anymore.

Many couples prefer a traditional engagement because it’s more exciting and romantic that way. Some of the most memorable engagements have an element of surprise, which many couples like to experience. However, if you choose your own engagement ring, you don’t get to experience this kind of thrill. You already know what’s in store for you — how the ring looks like, how many carats it is, and even how you’re going to be proposed in the near future. It’s a predictable process that only certain types of people are willing to go through.

2. It’s hard to pick a ring while worrying about the price.

If your husband-to-be selects the ring for you while working hard to surprise you, that usually means he’s shouldering all the expense. You don’t need to worry about how much the ring will cost and whether your budget is enough. Shopping together, on one hand, makes you budget-conscious. When you’re too concerned over the price of your diamond ring, a great part of the excitement will be lost on you. Some of the best-looking engagement rings are also the priciest, but since you have to limit your choices, you may end up with a ring that you don’t really like.

3. There’s no personal touch.

Surprise engagements are memorable because of the time and effort put into them. There’s no guarantee that your fiance will choose a ring that’s exactly what you want but because he went out of his way to surprise you, it may mean more to you than a ring you chose on your own. These personal feelings may not arise if you shop with your fiance. Shopping together is more practical but less sentimental. You’ll be weighing the prons of cons of choosing a particular diamond ring such as price, design, and other factors, as though you’re making a business decision.

If you and your fiance discuss it between yourselves, these concerns may not even be that big of a deal. It doesn’t matter whether you choose practical over romantic as long as your engagement ring choice brings you joy.

Diamond Rings Dallas

Now that you both know how to go about choosing a diamond ring, the next step is to find a jeweler to create the engagement ring of your dreams. Some of the best jewelers are based in Dallas. You can choose to purchase a ready-made ring. However, if your preferred design or style is not available in the store, you can opt to order a customize ring instead. Many of these jewelers offer custom diamond engagement rings for soon-to-be-wed couples.

Not all jewelry experts offer custom options, and some of those who do may fall short of your standards. Rather than hop from one jeweler to another, a wise move would be to do your research in advance. You can always pore over your phone directory’s Yellow Pages section, but even that may only provide you with a few choices. In the event you’ve decided to get a diamond ring in Dallas and suppose you don’t have the luxury of time to flip through the phone directory and make a call one by one, simply go online and type “diamond rings Dallas” in the search tab of your trusted search engine. Websites of top-rated Dallas-based jewelry experts that specialize in diamond rings will immediately pop out on the results pages.

Shortlist at least 3 to 5 jewelry stores before deciding. Read through forums, testimonials, or reviews to know what other people are saying (e.g. the quality of their engagement rings, if the services offered include custom handcrafted rings, price range, etc.). Look at each website to compare. It’s also ideal to choose stores that are not too far from each other or preferably located in the same area. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend in finding the perfect engagement ring.

Whether you intend to buy a ring on your own or let your fiance choose on your behalf, what matters most is that you’re comfortable with your choice. At the end of the day, buying an engagement ring is just a symbolic representation of the new life that’s waiting ahead.