Engagement Rings Dallas: Basic Designs to fall in Love With

According to a respected wedding statistics website, 40% of couple engagements happen during very specific periods in a year. This is precisely between the months of February and November. During these times of the year, the demand for engagement rings obviously rises. This symbolic piece marks one of the most significant moments in the life of a couple. This is the main reason why there is much preparation needed when obtaining a single engagement ring.

Engagement rings Dallas sellers know the importance of providing unique designs on pieces they offer. Each ring must be inimitable and truly represents the love that binds a couple. Over the years, designs of rings have evolved according to the individual wishes and requirements of individuals. Because of the development of precious metals and stones technologies, the most intricate and creative ideas can be made easily into actual pieces of diamond rings.

Every seller or maker of jewelry has distinct designs tied to its name. The company named “The Diamond Broker”, as an example, currently has the following design categories (with excusive subcategories) that are guaranteed to sweep customers off their feet:

  • Halo Diamond Design: This is recommended for couples who are planning to buy diamonds that are slightly bigger than what is usually set in rings. The main highlight of this design is that smaller micropave diamonds are set around a center diamond. The arrangement makes the center stone appear at least half a carat bigger. Couples who plan to make use of precious metals like white gold, platinum, and rose gold will be advised to choose this particular type of design.

  • Split Shank Design: Only a few engagement rings Dallas companies are capable of creating perfect split shank pieces. As its name suggests, the metal band splits as it goes into the center part where a stone is embedded. This type of design is recommended for couples who wish to see the element of simplicity on their rings. Of course, getting split shank rings customized by means of adding of accent stones is totally possible.

  • Channel Set Design: Two bands or strips of metal are used to hold accent stones. This adds glamour to the center stone which is usually of higher carat. This design is preferred by couples who want their engagement rings to look modern yet classy.

  • Vintage Design: Rings under this category are designed to look like they came from the past. Classic styles, looks, and feel have been incorporated into this design. Couples who are looking forward to keep the rings as family heirlooms or simply love classic and artistic-looking rings are pointed out in the direction of this specific design.

  • Classic Design: The name says it all: it is the design of engagement rings that couples has come to love through all of these years. The design is centered on the stone itself. The precious metal contains very minimal details and accentuates the center stone well. Its simplicity is its true beauty.

While jewelry shops and diamond ring specialty stores may have a wide array of pre-made pieces in each category, it doesn’t mean that getting custom-made ones isn’t possible. If you want a pair that suits your tastes and actual needs, explore options offered by your chosen Engagement rings Dallas company well.