Mother’s day is a joyous occasion and a reason to spoil those who spoil you: moms, grandmothers and really any motherly figure in your life. Fully certified and natural diamonds are a great way to symbolize the unconditional love these women show for you. Use this day as an opportunity to express your love and show your mom, or any woman in your life, how special she is to you with a gift that reflects the quality of her unconditional and selfless love.

Know Their Preferences

The recipient is probably someone you’re pretty close with, making it easy to decide on the type of jewelry that best suits their tastes. If you are still unsure of the type of jewelry best suited for them, take some time to observe what she wears. Their personality can be a good measure of the type of jewelry they might like, so we’ve provided a jewelry match for each type. Do you see your mother’s personality in the list below? We have some suggestions to match!


There’s nothing wrong with this, “Type A,” personality, quite literally. They like things spotless and the best of the best. Consider classic designs like diamond studs or necklaces featuring a flawless diamond pendant.


Like they’ve stepped out of the pages of Vogue, this fashion lover can take thrift store buys and turn them into runway pieces. Consider vintage designs that are truly unique from the more classic designs favored by perfectionists. Pear shape diamonds, marquise and emerald cut diamonds are reminiscent of vintage jewelry.


Does your mom love being around people? Is she commonly the life of the party? Jewelry that falls in step with her fun cocktail dress is probably your best bet. Consider chunky jewelry. If chunky diamond statement necklaces are out of your price range, consider large stud earrings complemented with other gems, stones or even rhinestones to really make the diamonds stand out

 Active and About

If your mother is always on the go and always up to something, then she needs diamond jewelry that can withstand her go, go, go lifestyle. Diamond tennis bracelets made with sterling silver or another sturdy metal is perfect for someone who needs no-fuss jewelry.

Personalized Jewelry

Lastly, if you can’t find the exact design you’re looking for, consider personalized or custom jewelry. Presenting personalized jewelry is like presenting a piece of yourself in a gift that reflects the receiver’s taste…it’s the best of both worlds. This can be a really meaningful and a beautiful way to express your love.

Custom jewelry is designed from scratch and is not unlike haute couture. There’s none other like it in the world, much like your mother. Much like personalized jewelry though, custom jewelry is another great way to tie two worlds together. If you have diamonds or gemstones from a ring or another piece of jewelry, you can rework them into a piece of custom jewelry that represents the receiver. This may be a great way to tie generations together. For example, do you have diamond earrings from your grandma? Use those diamonds in a beautiful necklace, so your mom can keep her family near her heart at all times.

How do you pick out jewelry for your loved ones? What suggestions can you share? Need help picking something for your mom? Contact us today, we are ready to help!