Vintage Engagement Rings

A man placing a gorgeous ring on his lady

One of the biggest appeals about antiques and vintage items is the story they carry. When it comes to engagement rings, many individuals want to create their own unique story behind their ring. However, some yearn to continue the existing, passionate story some rings may have carried for centuries. Vintage engagement rings are known for their unique character […]

Finding the Perfect Diamond

Beautiful diamonds with the words, what to look for in the perfect diamond.

No matter how long you have been dating or even married, there is something uniquely special about the individual you call your soulmate. If it’s her laugh that first stole your heart away, the passion she has for her job, or even the care and dedication she shows to you every day, you couldn’t see […]

Fancy Diamonds 101

A beautiful assortment of loose diamonds.

We know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t all diamonds ‘fancy’?” Well, yes and no. You see, while these beautiful, unique stones are all made from some of the most durable material on planet earth, only certain diamonds which fall on the traditional D (colorless white) to Z (heavily tinted yellow) diamond color scale are considered “fancy”.

Heart Cut Diamonds 101

A beautiful assortment of loose diamonds.

Lady Gaga sets a lot of strange trends but one trend she brought back that’s more normal and exquisite than others is the heart-shaped diamond. This shape is certainly unique to the taste of few but it is a rare shape that when cut properly, can shine as bright as the person proud to wear […]