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Classic Engagement Rings in Dallas
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Our extensive collection of classic designs features rings you can love for a lifetime A hallmark of showing your beloved your intent to marry, classic diamond engagement rings have been exchanged since the 15th century. These designs range from vintage to nature inspired, and each is a timeless symbol of commitment. The Diamond Broker’s extensive in-store inventory will help you find the classic engagement ring you are wanting. Since its creation years ago, Classic engagement rings have been the world’s favorite engagement ring. The ring of rings, as it has been called, is the most brilliant ring ever. It is also the most beautiful. To acquire an engagement ring you’ll love as much 10 years from now as you do today, opt for a traditional style that is timeless. 

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An elongated rectangular diamond ensures a clean classic look. Four delicate prongs firmly hold the diamond in perfect position for maximum brilliance. Set between two thin metal bars, diamonds reflect light which adds sparkle and shine. No matter what your preference or style, The Diamond Broker has something for you! You may prefer a classic design that retains an alluring beauty and elegance. These rings play it just safe enough – yet at the same time allow room for a personal details and special little touches. This collection features elegant beauties that go beyond fads or trends retaining a timeless style whose allure will never lessen.

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