Finding the right engagement ring can be challenging. From deciding between style options, accent stones, and the diamond itself, it can be an overwhelming task, especially for those who have never truly thought about what their dream ring looks like. Here at The Diamond Broker, one of our favorite styles is the split shank style. This style consists of split bands coming together to support the main diamond, making it visually captivating. Here is what there is to know about this glittering beauty of an engagement ring style.

What Is a Split Shank Engagement Ring?

In an engagement ring, the shank refers to the band of the ring that encircles your finger. Almost all shanks are round, though there are some that are square along with other unique shapes as well. The split shank ring is styled so that the shank splits in two to create separate pieces of metal that stem from the center stone.

Split shank rings lend themselves well to a wide variety of styles and settings, such as the widely popular halo. The gap between the two shanks can be either wide or narrow, and some even have the two narrow pieces of metal twisted together to give a more mystical feel. As long as there are two shanks originating from the main diamond, the ring will be considered a split shank ring.

Unlike normal shanks that are a simple band around the finger, the split shank offers an extra layer of sophistication and symmetry. This style brings its own character and can support the fiery beauty of the center stone. It also helps bring the eye to the diamond and allows any accent diamonds to serve nicely as a glittery trail leading up to the center stone.

Many split shank engagement rings make use of the halo design, which is when a circle of smaller diamonds surrounds the center stone. This style can be further upgraded to have the diamonds run from the halo down through the shank itself, also known as pave detailing. Pave detailing helps capture more sunlight, making the ring sparkle.

What Shape of Diamond Can I Get With a Split Shank Engagement Ring?

There are no limitations with the split shank style. This is because any diamond shape can be secured within the center of the stone and be supported by the two shanks. The diamonds that we most see paired with split shank engagement rings are the round cut and the princess cut diamonds.

Is a Split Shank Engagement Ring Right for Me?

Split shank engagement rings offer surface area for side accent stones to be placed, creating extra sparkle, glitter, and shine for the ring. It is attention-demanding by nature and will have those around you begging to take a second look. The center stone will always be in the spotlight as the shanks bring attention to the diamond, and the design is flexible, making it perfect for those who want a classic or a modern look.

However, if your significant other is looking for a ring that is simpler, this ring may not be for them. The opening seam requires the ring to need more frequent cleanings, so if your loved one works with their hands a lot, the ring may pick up additional dirt and grime.

Your Diamond Experts

If you think that a split shank engagement ring is right for you, the trusted diamond experts at The Diamond Broker can help. We have a wide selection of diamonds and settings to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect one for your loved one. Don’t settle for high-prices that are attached to common ring retail stores; instead, put your trust in the team that puts our clients at the heart of every ring and diamond we sell. Contact our team to schedule a consultation with our diamond experts and find your forever diamond today!