No matter how long you have been dating or even married, there is something uniquely special about the individual you call your soulmate. If it’s her laugh that first stole your heart away, the passion she has for her job, or even the care and dedication she shows to you every day, you couldn’t see yourself with anyone else. 

You want her to know how special she is to you. You want to find the perfect diamond that matches the beauty you see in her. But what makes a diamond special? What makes it stand out from the crowd? Just like your soulmate, diamonds have characteristics that set them apart from every other diamond. 

Cut, clarity, color, and carat are the four fundamental terms you need to know when choosing the perfect diamond. In this article, our diamond experts at The Diamond Broker will explain why each characteristic is important and what to look for so you can find the diamond that is as unique and gorgeous as the person you are giving it to.


The cut refers to the proportion and finish of a diamond. It is used to describe a diamond’s fire or ability to catch and reflect light. While diamond cuts do not necessarily mean shape, it does describe the proportion of a diamond.

Built-up diamonds are determined with the tail of the diamond and are proportionally larger than the head. This often creates light being trapped within the diamond and reflected out of the lower half. This creates a well-looking effect which can make the diamond feel empty. While the stone will look larger, it will also look disproportionate and awkward within the ring’s setting and on your loved one’s finger.

Flat diamonds look like the name states, flat. They don’t have a long tail or a large head, and instead, make up in width what they lack in height. The light doesn’t travel through the diamond very well. Instead, the large edges catch and release the light from the bottom, failing to give the diamond it’s signature shine and sparkle.

Ideal cut diamonds are absolutely breathtaking. They not only capture the light but allow it to travel within the diamond and reflect it out. This creates that beautiful glimmer and sparkle that catches the eyes of anyone that looks at it. It gorgeously shows off the shape of the diamond, while giving it that fire that burns with passion. If you want to wow your soulmate, invest in an ideal cut diamond.

Ideal Cut Diamonds

When looking for the perfect diamond, there are multiple facets of the ideal cut. Here are the different options available to you!

  • Cushion-cut. With round edges and large facets, this diamond catches and reflects light magnificently, showing off the whole beauty of the diamond.
  • Round-cut diamonds. Most common as it has been developed over the years to bring out the most shimmer and shine of the diamond.
  • Princess-cut. These diamonds have sharp corners, looking like a square shape. They look brilliant no matter what vantage point you are looking at them at.
  • Emerald-cut diamonds. With large open faces, this diamond allows you to see the gorgeous insides of the diamond.
  • Marquise-cut. This diamond looks like a shield and was designed to help make an individual’s finger longer and thinner.
  • Pear-cut. It looks like a teardrop and was also designed to give the wearer’s hand a thinner appearance. 


diamond ring on a rose

Clarity refers to the clearness of the diamond. Each diamond is given a grade, F or I. F stands for a flawless diamond and I stand for inclusions. While flawless diamonds are the most sought-after, some cuts of diamonds call for inclusions. For example, the emerald cut diamond was created to show off the inside, and little inclusions give the diamond a unique look when viewing into it.


Most individuals don’t realize that diamonds can come in different colors, but they can! While we usually think of diamonds being clear and colorless, they can also be yellow. However, yellow diamonds often mean lower quality. It is important to remember this when looking for a diamond. If you are looking for a beautiful diamond at a great value, try sticking with diamond color grades, J, K, and L. These diamonds are near perfectly white and have a gorgeous shimmer to them.


The carat of the diamond determines its size. A 1-carat diamond weighs in at 0.20 grams. The larger the carat size, the more expensive the diamond. If you prefer to keep the main stone smaller but still want the total weight to equal 1 carat, one design option includes a ¾-carat diamond as the main centerpiece with smaller complimentary diamonds. This is a beautiful arrangement for individuals who prefer to keep their rings smaller and more discreet.

The Diamond Experts

When you are looking for the perfect diamond, consider who is helping you find one. The experts at the Diamond Broker in DFW have a sharp eye for detail and an extensive knowledge of diamonds. We would love to help you find the perfect diamond for your loved one for any occasion. Engagement, anniversary, or just because, we have the perfect diamond and solution for every event and reason. Contact us today to get started with a consultation, and find out why more and more people are turning to the experts at The Diamond Broker to find their perfect diamond.