Lady Gaga sets a lot of strange trends but one trend she brought back that’s more normal and exquisite than others is the heart-shaped diamond. This shape is certainly unique to the taste of few but it is a rare shape that when cut properly, can shine as bright as the person proud to wear it. If you’re considering a heart cut diamond for a diamond engagement ring for your beau, shop with these notes and tips in mind.

How is it Made?

Everything Wedding Rings shares that a heart shape diamond is created as a modified pear cut. A cleft is created in the pear cut to create the heart shape.

Best Setting for Heart Shape Diamond Rings

The heart shape diamond is so unique that it is best as a standalone star. Whether it’s a smaller diamond or a larger one, a solitary setting will really help it shine but you can still make it a custom design of your own by choosing from a variety of wedding bands. From engraved bands and Celtic bands to split bands and studded ones, the world is your oyster when it comes to creating a custom band for your heart shaped diamond.

Although heart shaped diamonds tend to be rarer than other fancy cuts, they do appear larger than their original size so it seems as if you’re getting more for your money.

What to Look For with Heart Shape Diamonds

The GIA or Gemological Institute of America recommends a color of flawless to VS2 with clarity of D to G for heart diamonds. They also find that inclusions might be easier to see in hearts and other fancy shapes, so look for eye-visible inclusions. Large inclusions might detract from the attractiveness of the gem, and could possibly affect its value or durability.

With that said, look for heart shaped diamonds that have a high quality of light reflection and absorption.

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