The flash of a diamond on your hand. The glitter of gold around your neck. Your jewelry provides a little extra spark you need to feel amazing. Proper maintenance throughout the year can ensure that your jewelry continues to sparkle and shine as the day you first got it.

In the summer, your jewelry takes an unusually hard beating as it is exposed to the sun and even the water. The team at The Diamond Broker has created this summer jewelry care guide to help you keep your jewelry looking its best! Here is what you need to know:

1. Don’t Wear Your Jewelry In the Pool

One of the best ways to protect your jewelry during the summer is to remember to remove your jewelry before going into the pool or ocean. Not only does wearing your jewelry while you swim increase the risk of you losing it, but the saltwater or chlorine can be harmful as well. The chemicals in the chlorine and the harsh abrasions of the saltwater can eat away at the polish and finish of your jewelry’s metals and gemstones. This can leave them looking dull and damaged. 


2. Remove Your Jewelry Before Applying Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must during the summer months as it protects your skin from harmful damage from ultraviolet rays. While sunscreen is good for your skin, it can make your jewelry appear dull. To avoid this, make sure you take off your jewelry before you put on your sunscreen. If you have to put sunscreen on while you are still wearing your jewelry, you can always clean the jewelry off afterward with a soft cloth. The best type of cloth to clean your jewelry with is one that was specifically designed to clean jewelry. This ensures that the cloth is soft enough to not remove the finish off gemstones or the color off of your jewelry’s metal.

3. Store Your Jewelry In a Fabric-Lined Jewelry Box

When you are going out on trips, it is best to safely store your jewelry in fabric-lined jewelry boxes that help keep each article separate. These boxes, which can be found at your local jewelry store or jewelry provider, can help keep your jewelry from crashing into each other. This protects them from chips, scratches, and getting tangled together.

4. Perform Routine Maintenance On Jewelry

When you aren’t wearing your jewelry, it’s a great idea to get out a soft cloth and clean your collection. A clean, soft cloth can do wonders when it comes to cleaning your jewelry. If you have tougher grime that you need to handle, do not be afraid to use jewelry cleaner. Jewelry cleaner is easy enough on your jewelry to remove the grime but light enough to protect the metal and gemstones from their polish is removed.

If your jewelry is still looking a bit worn down even after cleaning it, you can also bring in your jewelry to get them professionally cleaned. During this type of cleaning, your jewelry will be inspected for any damage such as loose stones, broken prongs, and weak clasps. The team at The Diamond Broker can help you repair and bring life back to your jewelry.

Need New Jewelry for the Summer or a Jewelry Inspection?

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