Want to make your loved one’s holiday season sparkly and bright? Diamond jewelry will do just that! When it comes to buying the perfect diamond piece, there are a lot of options. This can leave individuals feeling nervous about getting the right type of jewelry to make their loved one feel special. However, your experts at the Diamond Broker are more than happy to help you find the perfect piece that will stand the test of time! Here is a guide to help you get started!


inspecting a diamond

Earrings are a perfect option for that special someone who just wants to add a bit of sparkle. These simple but beautiful pieces of jewelry can make any person feel special. Here are some of our favorite pieces when it comes to earrings.

Simple Diamond Studs

Never underestimate the beauty of simple diamond studs. These earrings have the ability to fit with any wardrobe. Whether she wants to spend a quiet day inside in sweatpants or you are going out for a romantic dinner during the weekend, diamond stud earrings can help her feel truly beautiful.

When it comes to diamond studs, the price heavily depends on the carat weight, the cut, quality, and the metal used. A diamond expert can help you find the perfect diamond studs to fit both your budget and to sweep your special someone off her feet.

Diamond Drop Earrings

If you are looking for something a bit more captivating, diamond drop earrings are a perfect solution. The centerpiece diamond for these pieces can be stand alone, or they can be ornamented with a halo of smaller diamonds. This particular type of earring comes in either a stud or wire backing and the diamond is typically pear-shaped.


Several necklaces and other jewelry on pedestals in a row

A diamond necklace is an extremely popular option during the holidays. Not only are these gifts treasures for their beauty and elegance but they are easily customizable. From having a simple diamond hanging off a chain to a more elegant charm that is personalized such as a Star of David, these diamond necklaces are sure to be a hit.

When choosing your diamond necklace, it is important to choose a style that has a deep sense of meaning between both of you. Cut, quality, carat weight, and metal will determine costs. Always work with a diamond expert when picking out a diamond necklace, as some pieces may have less valuable diamonds surrounding the main diamond that could take away from the necklace’s overall value.


Looking for something your special someone can look at all day long? Why not consider a diamond bracelet? These beautiful gifts can come in a single bangle with a solitaire diamond or several bands with multiple diamonds.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

These are an all-time favorite type of bracelet as they come in many different weights and qualities, making them great for any budget. This particular style of bracelet can accessorise a formal or casual look.


santa holding an engagement ring

Diamond rings make a beautiful gift for any special occasion. Emerald, sapphire, and ruby accents can help give it a holiday flare to match any outfit. If you are looking for something simple or playful, a beautiful flower design or a square-cut stone would be perfect!

Need Help Finding the Perfect Diamond?

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