The return of palazzo pants, bell bottom jeans, knit tops and floral headbands is a trend that has crossed over into the jewelry world; men and women around the world are adorning antique jewelry. Either as a way to honor heirlooms or in following the recent fad, people are wearing jewelry from the past or pieces that are inspired by old world designs and for good reason. Intricate styles and the blend of gems and diamonds with mixed metals make antique jewelry a true high-end fashion statement.

Truly Vintage: Georgian Jewelry

Source / Engagement Ring from the Diamond Broker

18th century Georgian jewelry is characterized by a pre-industrialized world. Poetry and literature from this period is timeless and now, jewelry is beginning to make a similar statement. Georgian jewelry is usually characterized by its size—jewelry was really small back then!

If you love two-tone and dainty jewelry, search for jewelry from the 18th century. Jewelry from this century is often mounted in silver with a gold shank. What you won’t find with this age of jewelry is, “bling.” Most stones were roughly cut so diamonds do not sparkle with the fire they do today.

80s Style Jewelry

Layering is back as are bolder and more geometric looks that characterize this decade. Very abstract and modern looking jewelry of today is actually a throwback to the 80s style which includes necklaces with cutouts and round bracelets with linear elements. This type of look is showing up big and small and also in a variety of jewelry. If you want to get into the 80s trend, you can still find it in fine jewelry that uses a variety of gem stones and colors, like in the ones below:

Diamond Pendant from The Diamond Broker

However you choose to honor the past, whether it’s with an heirloom piece or with a new to you vintage piece, you make it your own by how you wear it.

Tips of Wearing Vintage Jewelry

  1. Be complementary. Wear complementing styles. If you are wearing a geometric style, opt for an 80s piece or something that also has straight lines.
  2. Repurpose. Lost an earring or have a brooch but don’t want to wear it as a brooch? Turn it into a necklace or choker and make it your own!
  3. Two are one too many. Less is better with vintage jewelry since each piece is such a standout piece of art. If you want to wear other jewelry, make sure it doesn’t clash with your main attraction.

What do you look for in vintage jewelry or jewelry just from a few decades ago? How do you wear it?