Firsts are always special. Coincidentally, so are diamonds.

Naturally, a girl’s first diamond is an extraordinary experience and gift she’ll truly treasure long into her adulthood.

While Elizabeth Taylor once mused that, “big girls need big diamonds”, young girls need jewelry as youthful and delicate as they are.

Whether you’re in the market for a piece that celebrates the birth of your baby girl, a special birthday, Christmas, or Holy Communion and Christenings, we have some suggestions to help you find the perfect gift for your little princess.

Children and especially toddlers are on the move a lot! As you look through your various jewelry pieces and narrow down the right fit, it’s important to select the right size diamond. With earrings, for example, we typically wouldn’t recommend much larger than .10-.20 ctw. Any bigger is likely to overwhelm their tiny features. After all you want the piece to look natural and fitting, not cumbersome.

Jewelry Type

Next think about the level of wear you believe the diamond will get. For instance, if you are hoping the gift will be something she can wear everyday and for many years, consider something more versatile like a pair of diamond stud earrings. Unlike say, a baby ring which will only fit for a short amount of time, diamond posts will grow with her over the years. Just make sure to ask your jeweler for screw backs to keep them securely in her ears. For ‘special occasions only’ jewelry, a pendant diamond necklace is a good choice. However these are generally recommended for older girls since they can be a slight choking hazard.

Personalize It

If you want a gift that has a more personal touch, consider investing in a pieced like these Alphabet Fishtail Series Pendants. Seeing the first letter of her name every time she looks down will no doubt remind her of your enduring love and affection. Alternately, a colored gemstone piece with her individual birthstone is a great way to ease her into owning “real” jewelry.

Commemorating an Occasion

For special once in a lifetime occasions like Holy Communion and Christenings, what could be a more special way to commemorating her commitment to her faith than diamond cross jewelry? The only decision left to make is whether she’ll be more drawn to white gold, yellow gold or sterling silver. Look to see what types of jewelry she already has in her young collection and choose a metal that matches.

Ultimately, your little princess deserves the very best. While it’s likely she’ll receive diamond jewelry from other loved ones over the course of her life, it’s all the more special having that first one come from you. Use these tips to capture her essence and interests, while celebrating milestones as she blossoms from your baby girl into a young lady.