The Diamond Broker is the real deal. No computers all over the place. The same store and counters since opening, even the same lighting. Don’t expect a store that’s spending a fortune on fancy fixtures, thousands of dollars on buying endorsements from sports franchises or a huge store with huge overheads. No, we do things the old fashioned way, the right way. Millennials are amazed by the values and service they receive. They are used to being ripped off or looking for the hidden catch in their purchases. They shop online. Here they are treated as valuable customers, not just an IP address. They see the diamond they are buying BEFORE they buy it. They enjoy the level of service not available in the modern shopping environment. Imagine a place where your satisfaction is above all else. The prices are excellent and fair. You get everything you expect and then some. Why don’t all businesses conduct themselves this way? We may be the dinosaur in the business (as we have been around longer then some of our competitors have been alive) but we won’t change because we believe in the good old fashion way of doing business. Honest, fair and with pride. That’s why we believe we are the best Diamond and Engagement ring store in Dallas.