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Looking for vintage diamond rings for that special occasion?

Nothing says unique like vintage diamond rings from The Diamond Broker

Find a stunning antique wedding ring or a classic engagement ring below that will truly be all yours. Make your special day extra special with a beautiful diamond representing the values that are truly you.

Antique engagement rings are rings that are over 50 years old, which now means anything made before the early 1960’s. Most people don’t think of a 1960 era ring as an antique engagement ring! An estate engagement ring is simply preowned, and may be as recently bought as last year. A vintage engagement ring is a conversational term without any defined meaning, although some use the term vintage to mean a new ring styled to look like a ring from an older era.

Vintage jewelry is many things — nostalgic, unique, artistic, sustainable. But for some, buying vintage wedding rings is a twisted and confusing process, especially over the Internet. Educating yourself and your significant other will help give you the confidence and peace of mind needed to make what can be a very daunting purchase.

Vintage jewelry has an enticing character and lore all its own; these heirlooms are some of the most finely crafted works of art in the jewelry world. To know what went into fabricating these pieces within a historical context is to appreciate their unique beauty on an entirely different level.

Vintage wedding jewelry can be broken down into a handful of different categories. Each decorative period has its own signature trends that help us date items and spot reproductions.

American vintage styling and beautiful detailing puts the vintage ring at the top of every shopper’s list. View our always changing one-of-a-kind vintage engagement rings and jewelry. For those who want the security of a new ring, we have a full selection of vintage diamond rings.

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