Diamond jewelry is highly sought after due to its glimmering beauty. It can quickly elevate any outfit, make any person feel special, and capture the imagination of all who see it. When most people think of diamond jewelry, such as rings and bracelets, they often think of the main diamond or precious stone.

This makes sense as our eyes are naturally drawn to the flawless beauty and reflected light of the center stone. However, have you ever considered the smaller accent diamonds around your piece?

While not every diamond or center stone needs the support of accent diamonds, they can help elevate a piece of jewelry and add a distinctive flair to the main stone. On the other hand, if done poorly, accent diamonds can also overpower the main stone and make the jewelry seem busy.

Before you invest in your next piece of diamond jewelry, whether for yourself or a loved one, look over this guide to diamond accents from your trusted Dallas diamond professionals at The Diamond Brokers.

What Are Diamond Accents?

diamond ring on a rose

Diamond accents are the smaller diamonds that are placed alongside the center stone of a piece of jewelry. These diamonds highlight the brilliance of the main diamond and tie the rest of the piece together.

When done tastefully, accent diamonds can raise the value of the overall piece. They add style, elegance, personality, and volume to the jewelry. When a jeweler decides to add accents onto a piece of jewelry, they consider the shape of the main diamond, the setting, and the size and color of the main stone and the accent diamonds.

Are Diamond Accents Real Diamonds?

The stones used as accent diamonds in pieces of jewelry from a reputable jeweler are indeed real diamonds. The term “accent” is used to describe the purpose, not detract from the fact that these small dazzling pieces are still valuable. Accent diamonds are graded the same way that traditional diamonds are graded.

  • Cut: The quality of the angles, proportions, facets, and finishing details of the diamond
  • Color: How colorless the diamond is; any hints of yellow or color can take away from the overall value
  • Clarity: How clean the diamond is, meaning it has no inclusions or blemishes
  • Carat: The weight of the diamond

Typically, accent diamonds are just smaller than the main diamond but are still rated high in all of the other categories. This is done to ensure that any possible blemishes in the accent diamonds do not take away from the center stone.

The Different Types of Diamond Accents

Accent diamonds can be broken down into three different categories: baguette, trillion cut, or small sound diamonds. These shapes are preferred as they work well with the potential different cuts of the centerpiece diamond. Here are the different categories in more detail:

Baguette Diamonds

gold engagement ring

Baguette diamonds are ideal because of their natural symmetric appeal. These diamonds are naturally smaller in weight than other diamond cuts. They are often flat on the top and wide, making them perfect for arranging into rows.

The step cut of these precious jewels provides a striking contrast to the center diamond. This cut works especially well with a round cut and cushion-cut stones. Due to their cut, baguette diamonds do not capture light as well as some of the other stone shapes. This helps ensure that the accent diamonds do not overpower the beauty of the center stone.

Tapered baguettes are modified versions of the traditional baguette diamond. With this cut, one end of the diamond is wider than the other, giving the diamond a tapered appearance. Tapered baguettes are generally found along with the band, as the smaller size allows them to fit the natural curve of the band. They are traditionally used as side stones or as part of a three-stone setting. These diamonds work best with round brilliant cuts, emerald cuts, radiant cuts, and princess cuts.

Straight baguettes are known for their almost perfect rectangular shape. These diamonds are equal in width across the stone’s length. They provide symmetry to the ring and appear larger than other diamonds of equal carat due to their flat surface size. 

Straight baguettes are best used alongside the center stone or placed adjacent to other straight baguette diamonds in a row, giving the appearance of a full diamond band. Straight baguette diamonds can be used to complement round brilliant cut diamonds, marquise, or Asscher cut diamonds.

Trillion Cut Diamonds

A beautiful black diamond with trillion cut diamond accents

Trillion-cut diamonds are known for their brilliant triangular shape and their distinctive personality. They are easily recognizable to the untrained eye.

These diamonds serve as perfect complementary stones as they capture light but don’t take away from the main stone. Their shape allows them to beautifully follow the curve of the setting, such as the curve of a ring or necklace.

These stones work best in a three-stone setting and nothing more. While these diamonds are great accents, too many of them can overwhelm the center stone. Trillion-cut diamonds work best with round brilliant cuts, cushion cuts, princess cuts, and radiant cuts.

Small Round Cuts

diamond ring inside a red rose

Small Round Cuts are stunning accent diamonds that have a classic round shape; hence the name. These diamonds match with every diamond shape and can be used in three-stone settings as side stones, or even in halo or channel settings.

Small round cut accent diamonds are often characterized by their size:

  • Stars: Diamond of a 0.02-carat weight or less
  • Full Cuts: Diamonds with a carat weight of 0.02-0.07
  • Melee: Diamonds with a carat weight of 0.08-0.18

Small round diamonds are commonly used in necklaces and bracelets. They are beloved for their elegance, as well as their ability to add extra sparkle to a ring. These diamonds can complement any shape diamond, and their small but powerful beauty highlights the brilliance of the center stone.

The Perfect Accent Diamond For Your Center Stone

Dallas’s most trusted diamond professionals at The Diamond Brokers are more than happy to help you find the perfect accent diamond to complement your center stone. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring to open the next chapter for you and your loved one’s future or a diamond necklace for your special loved one, diamond accents can make all the difference.

With so many options to choose from, you will feel more secure in your choice with the aid of our diamond experts. Contact us today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment.

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