Diamonds are known for many things: their strength, their beauty, being the stone of marriage and love, and being a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are valuable and often more expensive than other precious stones such as rubies and emeralds. If you are wondering what factors into the cost of a diamond, your trusted diamond experts at The Diamond Broker have the answers.

Here is what makes a diamond so expensive and valuable.

How Natural Diamonds Are Made?

It takes billions of years of extreme heat, carbon, and the right amount of pressure for a diamond to be born from a rock. While diamonds are not rare themselves, high-quality ones that can be used in jewelry are. Most diamonds that are taken from the earth are too small, poor quality, or not fully formed enough to survive the process of being turned into a beautiful piece that will stand the test of time. Most low-quality diamonds are used in tools instead of jewelry, as the strength of the diamond makes the tools incredibly hardy and less prone to breaking.

Due to the high demand for natural-born diamonds but the low quantity available, the prices for these precious stones remain relatively high. There are other qualities about these diamonds that help drive up the cost, too. They are as follows:

1. Good Color

One of the most important qualities of a diamond is its color. The whiter or clearer the diamond, the higher the value. Most diamonds found in nature have a yellowish tint. This is what makes diamonds that are clear or without a tint extremely valuable, as they are very hard to find. In some cases, even diamonds that are of a lower color grade and show only a faint hint of yellowish hues are valuable, as once again, trying to find a natural-born diamond that is completely void of color is very difficult.

2. Little to No Imperfections

The clarity of the diamond is another important factor that many individuals take into account. A high-quality diamond of great clarity will have little to no imperfections such as black spots or noticeable lines in the stone. Since many factors such as pressure, heat, and carbon go into making natural-born diamonds, it can be difficult to get a diamond that has no internal flaws.

It is even more difficult to find a natural-born diamond that has great color and high clarity. However, depending on the needs for your diamond, whether it is a ring, necklace, or smaller accent stones, you may not need to go for a “perfect diamond.” Finding a diamond that may technically have smaller flaws or blemishes that cannot be seen by the untrained eye may help you find a diamond that looks great and fits your budget. 

3. Larger Size

Diamonds come in a wide variety of carat sizes. The bigger the stone, the more expensive it is. Price is usually determined by the carat, but jewelers also have to factor clarity and color into the price as well. Finding a large diamond that is of great color, high-clarity, and a large carat size is rare, and the demand is high which drives up the price even further.

Experienced Hand Required to Cut Raw Diamonds

When raw diamonds are mined, they have to be cut into the correct shape, faceted, and polished, so they are ready for consumers to buy. To ensure that the stone’s true potential is met, the diamond needs to be cut in the correct proportions to ensure that the quality and beauty of the natural stone are not lost. 

Sometimes, it is not possible to cut a diamond to the correct proportions without sacrificing some of the carat weight. The stonecutter may have to remove part of the raw diamond to rid it of visible flaws. While this helps make the diamond a higher clarity it may remove the carat size, which changes the overall value. It takes an expert diamond professional to know the balance between clarity, cut, and carat weight to create a diamond that is truly exquisite.

It takes an expert diamond professional to know the balance between clarity, cut, and carat weight to create a diamond that is truly exquisite.

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Finding Your Forever Diamond in Dallas, TX

Whether it is for a gift for a loved one or that one special piece you need to ask that special someone to spend the rest of their life with you, having the right diamond is invaluable. Finding a diamond that captures the beauty, passion, and fire of your love is extremely important and can be intimidating. Contact the Diamond Broker, Dallas’s leading diamond professionals for 30 years. Our team is passionate about helping you find the perfect diamond that wows your special someone and protects your budget.