Why Are Diamonds So Expensive?

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Diamonds are known for many things: their strength, their beauty, being the stone of marriage and love, and being a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are valuable and often more expensive than other precious stones such as rubies and emeralds. If you are wondering what factors into the cost of a diamond, your trusted diamond experts at The […]

10 Fun Facts About Diamonds

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Diamonds have become synonymous with love that lasts a lifetime. From engagement rings to beautifully crafted diamond necklaces, earrings, and even watches embellished with the precious gemstone, they remain one of the most sought-after gemstones. What makes a diamond so special that it captures the heart and imagination of all who see it? While we […]

Diamond Engagement rings In Dallas , Split Shank Styles

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Finding the right engagement ring can be challenging. From deciding between style options, accent stones, and the diamond itself, it can be an overwhelming task, especially for those who have never truly thought about what their dream ring looks like. Here at The Diamond Broker, one of our favorite styles is the split shank style. This style […]

‘Tis the Season: Best Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Christmas

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Want to make your loved one’s holiday season sparkly and bright? Diamond jewelry will do just that! When it comes to buying the perfect diamond piece, there are a lot of options. This can leave individuals feeling nervous about getting the right type of jewelry to make their loved one feel special. However, your experts […]

How Much Should I Spend On an Engagement Ring?

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Engagements can be extremely stressful for the one asking. Not only do they have to find the correct words to express their feelings, face the realization that there is a slim possibility of the word no, and they have to find the one diamond that tells their significant other, they are the one. Engagement rings […]

Asscher Cut Diamonds 101

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Looking for a unique diamond for that special someone? Consider an Asscher Cut diamond. An Asscher Cut diamond is an octagonal diamond with a square shape; this combination creates beautifully layered facets. With a deep pavilion and high crown, this cut of diamond brilliantly captures and reflects light, giving it its signature look and feel. […]

Diamonds Are For Everyone

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The story of millennials rejecting diamonds caught fire. But there was always something suspiciously trendy about it, especially in light of a 2016 report from within the diamond industry showing that sales numbers in the US were only rising.

Vintage Engagement Rings

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One of the biggest appeals about antiques and vintage items is the story they carry. When it comes to engagement rings, many individuals want to create their own unique story behind their ring. However, some yearn to continue the existing, passionate story some rings may have carried for centuries. Vintage engagement rings are known for their unique character […]

When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy an Engagement Ring?

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She has been dropping hints for months, and you have been busy scouring the market for a ring that will take her breath away. There is a lot riding on this single question, and you want to make sure you get the perfect diamond and setting to make the moment truly magical. You may be […]

The Cons of Buying Diamonds Online

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In this day and age, online markets have replaced traditional shopping. Instead of patronizing malls or department stores, more individuals are shopping from the comfort of their own home, finding everything they need with a quick search and a click of a button. Can all items truly be bought online? When it comes to looking […]